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Maternal, Child Health and Maternity

We have a well-equipped maternity department with a state-of-the-art external fetal monitoring machine (Cardiotocograms). We acknowledge pregnancy as one of the most meaningful mothering experiences. As such, we strive to provide mothers with a comfortable and safe maternal journey with support from our experienced gynaecologist/obstetrician, and neonatal and maternal nurses.

We have a 42-bed maternity ward, allowing mothers to deliver normally or through a caesarian section. An extension of the maternity wing is a 16-bed Newborn Unit (NBU) which provides specialized care for premature babies. It has specialized machines such as incubator machines, phototherapy machines, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, suction machines, and infant resuscitator machines.

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Maternal, Child Health and Maternity

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We strive to ensure a smooth and efficient admission and discharge process for all our patients. We work closely with patients and their families to ensure a clear understanding of the admission and discharge process.  

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Visitors are advised to contact the hospital’s administration or the patient’s care team for specific information on visiting hours and policies.  

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